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Water Innovation & Research Centre (WIRC@Bath) poster event

When: 10th September 2019, 14:00-16:00
Where: The Edge, University of Bath

We will be showcasing some of the cutting-edge water research being carried out in WIRC@Bath at this poster event – all welcome!
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Plastic Pollution: From Research to Everyday Life

Speakers: Gian Marco Currado (Welsh Government), Steve Ormerod (Cardiff University), Gus Hoyt (Refill), Sophie Rae (Ripple).
 15th October 2019, 18:30-19:45
Where: Cardiff University

Come learn more about plastic pollution, from current research on microplastics to daily swaps that you can make to reduce your impact on the environment.

Cardiff Water Research Institute and Refill Cardiff are bringing together experts to discuss one of the hottest topics of the moment. Following a short screening of ‘A Plastic Ocean‘, our panel will share their views on plastic pollution and ways to tackle it.

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Past events

PhD research seminar  – Olivia Bailey and Vicky De Groof

Speaker: Olivia Bailey and Vicky De Groof
17 July 2019, 13:15-14:05
Where: 6 East Building, room 2.2, University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AY

Olivia Bailey is a PhD researcher within the Department of Chemical Engineering. Her research is focused on developing a sustainable design for future sewer systems, currently focusing on opportunities for water conservation/wastewater concentration and the consequences for the sewerage system.

Vicky De Groof is researching anaerobic mixed culture processes for bio-waste valorization with Dr Ana Lanham, Dr Tom Arnot, Professor David Leak and Dr Marta Coma. Her PhD project is conducted in partnership with Wessex Water and GENeco. Vicky is an MSCA-FIRE fellow within CSCT.

The Wessex Water Cycle: Challenges and Research

Speaker: Ruth Barden from Wessex Water
 14th March 2019, 13:15-14:05
Where: 6 East Building, room 2.2, University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AY

Covering the key elements of the water cycle from a water company perspective from source to tap to toilet to sea.  The talk will highlight the current and future challenges, our approach to addressing these, including the academic research which has helped to inform our strategies.  The integration and impact of relevant research on our decision making will be highlighted.

Ruth Barden is the director of environmental strategy at Wessex Water leading on catchment based approaches, environmental planning, biodiversity and delivery of the Water Framework Directive, including the Chemical Investigations Programmes. She has worked at Wessex Water for more than 10 years, always in an environmental capacity but ranging from undertaking environmental impact assessments to liaison on permitting. A key part of her role is delivering an ambitious environmental investigation programme and identifying novel technologies and approaches to achieve environmental improvements at an acceptable cost to customers. Read more.

This event is free and open to all. Any queries can be sent to Anni Laihanen.

A global perspective on the local challenges of water, waste and climate change in Bath

Speaker: Kees van Leeuwen, Global Chair and David Parking Visiting Professor at Water Innovation and Research Centre (WIRC@Bath)
 5th February 2019, 17:15-18:05
 Chancellor’s Building, room 2.6, University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AY

Globally, more than half of the world’s population resides in urban areas, and this figure is projected to increase to 66% by 2050. Cities are important engines of innovation and wealth creation, as well as a sources for improved efficiencies for the use of materials and energy. On the other hand, primarily due to the concentration of people in a relatively small area, cities also act as centers of intense resource consumption and pollution. Rapid urbanization along with effects of climate change, creates multiple challenges regarding water quality, water scarcity, and flooding resulting in high vulnerability and, sometimes, unforeseen consequences.

Our research has been carried out in the context of EIP Water. Globally more than 70 cities have been assessed, including Bath. The presentation will focus on the general challenges in cities, water management and governance, the importance of developing co-benefits with other sectorial challenges in cities. Results of Bath will be presented too. Challenges can be met by developing and implementing further initiatives: (a) by creating awareness among potential partners (cities and regions), (b) by networking, and (c) by sharing best practices among cities to allow municipalities and regions to provide solutions to their urban water challenges.

The talk will be followed by a reception in the 2nd floor foyer of the Chancellor’s Building, 18:05-19:30.

Kees van Leeuwen is Principal Scientist at KWR Watercycle Research Institute and holds a Chair at the Copernicus Institute (University of Utrecht, the Netherlands) on water management and urban development. He currently coordinates the City Blueprint Action Group of EIP Water. He is a University of Bath Global Chair and his appointment has been funded by the International Relations Office’s Global Chair scheme, a flagship programme designed to attract distinguished, globally renowned scholars to engage in high-profile research activities at Bath. Read more.

 The Drought and Water Scarcity Programme (UK research)

Speaker: Jamie Hannaford, CEH Wallingford
 3rd December 2018, 17:30-19:00
Where:  Faculty Lecture Theatre, Trevithick Building, Cardiff University, CF24 3AA

The UK Droughts & Water Scarcity research programme is a five-year interdisciplinary, £12 million+ NERC programme in collaboration with ESRC, EPSRC, BBSRC and AHRC. It is supporting improved decision-making in relation to droughts and water scarcity by providing research that identifies, predicts and responds to the interrelationships between their multiple drivers and impacts.

The programme’s research is UK-focused, and contributes to NERC’s natural hazards and climate system strategic science themes.

Four projects are funded under the UK Droughts & Water Scarcity programme:

  • Historic Droughts : Understanding past drought episodes to develop improved tools for the future
  • IMPETUS : Improving predictions of drought to inform user decisions
  • MaRIUS : Managing the risks, impacts and uncertainties of drought and water scarcity
  • DRY : Drought risk and you

The UK Droughts & Water Scarcity programme has recently (April 2017) funded the final phase of the Programme that will build on the co-ordinated work of the four research projects to maximise the impact of the Programme for a diverse range of stakeholders in droughts and water scarcity. AboutDrought will provide access to all the outputs of the UK Droughts & Water Scarcity programme.

No booking required. More information on

 ‘Taking waste out of wastewater‘ by Mark van Loosdrecht

When: 6th November 2018, 13:15-14:05
Where: 2 East Building, room 3.1, University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AY

Professor van Loosdrecht, together with Professor Bruce Rittmann, was named the 2018 Stockholm Water Prize Laureate for his pioneering role in the water-related environmental biotechnology revolution currently taking place. Rittmann and van Loosdrecht have both played a leading role by presenting new knowledge around microbiological processes in wastewater, but their contributions are not only academic. Their research has also led to a new generation of water treatment processes that make it possible to remove harmful contaminants from water, cut wastewater treatment costs, reduce energy consumption and even recover chemicals and nutrients for recycling. The Environmental Biotechnology research group around Professor Mark van Loosdrecht at Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands has contributed a number of patented innovations that have turned wastewater treatment on its head. Read more.

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