The projects below are examples of our current research.


A £10.5 million investment will fund world-leading research into the provision of safe and resilient water services in the UK and overseas.



A £2.6m NERC-funded project assessing Dissolved Organic Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus flux to aquatic ecosystems, to improve control and aid policy development.


A £3.2m multidisciplinary, multi-institutional Research Council initiative, assessing the role of biodiversity in delivering the key ecosystem services on which we rely.



A €6.3m EU-funded project supporting policymakers, businesses, and citizens to make the right decisions for a transition to sustainable lifestyles and green economies.


Llyn Brianne Stream Observatory (Wales)

Mesocosms pioneering research into the effects of land use, pollution and global change on stream biodiversity, ecological function and ecosystem services.



A £3.4m NERC-funded project introducing a risk-based approach to drought and water scarcity, in order to inform management decisions and prepare households.



A €9.2m EU-funded consortium spanning 17 countries, investigating how multiple stressors – from urban and agricultural land use, water power generation and climate change – affect rivers, lakes and estuaries.


A £3.6m NERC-funded programme advancing scientific understanding of the processes determining the probability, incidence, and impacts of flooding from intense rainfall.

Sustainable Intensification

A £2.0m DEFRA and Welsh Government programme uniting the farming industry, researchers and stakeholders to examine Sustainable Intensification in England and Wales.


A £4.1m NERC-funded initiative bringing together academic experts, businesses and policy makers to solve some of the challenges involved in managing, utilising and improving the natural environment.

The Biogeochemistry Research Center

An interdisciplinary research venture with state-of-the-art laboratories, equipment and instrumentation, addressing cutting-edge questions in Earth Systems Science.



A €7.0m EU-funded project that unites 30 partners across eleven countries to develop innovations and tools for a more sustainable water future.

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