Whole Systems Approach to Sustainable Fashion – workshop

Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) currently aims to identify opportunities to develop a broad, multidisciplinary research and innovation programme that can deliver whole-system solutions to reduce the clothing sector’s negative environmental and social impacts.   

Reservoir management Special Interest Group

This workshop built on existing expertise and research interests from a variety of disciplines to develop a more holistic and sustainable approach to reservoir management. 


South West Water competition

13-27 November 2019 – University of Exeter and remotely at Bath, Bristol and Cardiff University

South West Water, in collaboration with GW4 Water Security Alliance, launched a first of its kind competition for members at the Universities of Exeter, Cardiff, Bath and Bristol to develop and pitch scalable ideas which will accelerate the utility company’s understanding of domestic water consumption.

In the final day of the competition, South West Water awarded the best idea with a £250 amazon voucher.

WSA seminar series: What is GW4 Water Security Alliance (WSA)?

24 October 2019 – University of Bath

This event introduced attendees to the GW4 Water Security Alliance (WSA) and finished with a networking lunch.

Dr Tom Arnot, co-director of Water Innovation and Research Centre at Bath and board member of WSA, chaired the session. WSA manager Andrew Schofield, based in Cardiff, introduced the alliance in detail. To demonstrate the breadth of WSA research, Professor Raziyeh Farmani from Exeter, Dr Jeffrey Neal from Bristol and Dr Susan Conlon from Bristol introduced their research in a few words.

Delivering water security through co-designed research – GW4 WSA Annual Event

14 June 2019 – MShed, Bristol

The World Economic Forum considers water security as a top societal risk facing our planet.

Together with over 110 key funders, academics from multiple disciplines and forward-thinking stakeholders, we discussed the threats and explore the opportunities to deliver water security at national and international scale.

Our two keynote speakers for this year’s event were Murray Biedler (UNESCO World Water Assessment Programme) and Doug Wilson (Environment Agency).

Quality through equality – tackling gender issues in hydrology and water sciences

19 February 2019, 9:30 – 17:00 – The Watershed, Bristol

“Science has a diversity problem.” (nature.com

Hydrology and water sciences are no exception. While gender and diversity issues are gaining attention and progress is being made, there is still much to be done. Women are under-represented particularly in higher academic ranks, which may discourage female students and early-career researchers to pursue a career in the water sciences and water engineering.

This one-day workshop, organised by WISE CDT PhD students, helped the attendees to understand and to identify gender-related problems present in the water science community and discuss potential solution.


Water In a Changing World – Research Challenges Forum

28 June 2018 – The Watershed, Bristol

The event brought together key academics across the GW4 universities, together with external stakeholders from the water industry, government, regulators, charities and funders. This was to hold research focused conversations and start developing a programme of future research and training to aid tackling the global challenges facing our water resources.

WISE CDT Industry Day

27 April, 2018 – Bristol

The 2018 WISE CDT Industry Day took place in Arup’s headquarters in Bristol. This event showcased about 40 current research projects in themes such as Enhancing Infrastructure Resilience, Water Resources: Supply and Quality, Coastal and Marine Processes, and Flood Risk and Prevention.

The event also explored ways in which organisations can engage with the WISE CDT to tackle the challenges they face.

The aim was to stimulate new partnerships, leverage for collaboration on research, and routes to impact and implementation for current and future research. About 60 WISE CDT research students and academics were available for discussions and to develop new partnerships.

Groundwater Futures in Urban Africa 

14 March 2018 – Cardiff

Across much of tropical Africa there is a rising proliferation of privately-commissioned boreholes for domestic water supply.    This new form of mass water provision is opening up challenging questions for the resilience of communities and surrounding ecosystems, their vulnerability to natural or anthropogenic   hazards and distributional equity, particularly for the urban poor. Focusing on urban centres, this half-day interdisciplinary seminar will explore the implications of this trend for groundwater resources, dependent social and environmental systems and consider emerging research agendas.

Water Security Alliance: Next Steps Conference 

31 January 2018 – Cardiff

A one-day conference at Cardiff University to mark the formal launch of the GW4 Water Security Alliance; the conference will showcase the work of the GW4 research community for water security for people and ecosystems in a changing world, and will unite researchers with policy makers, advisors and stakeholders to explore collaboration, resource-sharing and training opportunities.


SWIG Innovation Brokerage Workshop  

22 November 2017 – University of Bath

There is a wealth of new technology and innovation being developed in UK universities which often translates into the development of new products in industry. Successful translation and exploitation of academic research depends on recognising potential and forming necessary collaborations. This SWIG Innovation workshop is designed to bring together academic research groups and interested companies to identify potential technologies, collaboration, and exploitation opportunities in the area of sensor technologies developed for use in water.

Sources, fluxes and biological effects of microplastics in freshwater ecosystems  

13 November 2017 – Cardiff University

A one-day workshop to draw on evidence available from marine systems as well as emerging evidence of microplastics in freshwaters and to gauge support for a possible submission to the NERC SPAG for community support on this subject.

Confirmed speakers included: Richard Thompson (Plymouth University), Tamara Galloway (University of Exeter), Isabelle Durance (Cardiff University), Alice Horton (CEH) and Katie Whitlock (Environment Agency).

Smart Water Workshop  

24 October 2017 – University of Exeter 

An invigorating, interactive and information-packed workshop addressing smart water technology and how related engineering solutions can help make our water systems and cities smarter to improve quality of life.

Confirmed speakers, from across GW4 and their university and utilities partners, included: Dr Michele Romano (Senior Engineer at Operations Technology in United Utilities), Dr Ivan Stoianov (Director of InfraSense Labs, Imperial College London), Prof. Xiangwei Wang (Visiting Prof. at University of Bristol, Deputy Director of the Centre of Natural Disaster Research, Sun Yat-Sen University, China), Dr Peter Melville-Shreeve; Josh Myrans (University of Exeter) and Prof Zoran Kapelan (Head of Water and Environment Group, University of Exeter). At the end of the day, the participants had the opportunity to engage in a plenary discussion on future research needs in the smart water sector.