WSA events

The WSA runs a series of community-building events of varying sizes and formats, for GW4 researchers across the four universities. Focusing on current water security topics, the series ultimately empowers the community to work collaboratively to: Build large, Alliance-supported grant proposals; write and publish scoping reviews to identify gaps in research; bring together stakeholders to identify and propose research topics in specific areas; identify training opportunities and propose training modules, such as virtual classes or summer schools for staff, students or external candidates; identify strong ODA links to further develop as a group; identify gaps in services and facilities in view of a pooled request to Universities or research councils.

The WSA also has seedcorn funding available to GW4 researchers who would like to propose workshops on current water security topics, that fit the objectives above.

Please contact to register interest in running an event.



  • Water Security Alliance: Next Steps Conference

Wednesday 31st January, 2018 – Cardiff

A one-day conference at Cardiff University to mark the formal launch of the GW4 Water Security Alliance; the conference will showcase the work of the GW4 research community for water security for people and ecosystems in a changing world, and will unite researchers with policy makers, advisors and stakeholders to explore collaboration, resource-sharing and training opportunities.

Please contact Mafalda Costa for details:

  • Emerging Pollutants in the Aquatic Environment  

Wednesday 21st February, 2018 – Bath

A day of talks, interactive sessions and networking. Agenda and speakers to be confirmed.

Please contact Sarah Eliot for details:

  • Groundwater Futures in Urban Africa 

Wednesday 14th March, 2018 – Cardiff

Across much of tropical Africa there is a rising proliferation of privately-commissioned boreholes for domestic water supply.    This new form of mass water provision is opening up challenging questions for the resilience of communities and surrounding ecosystems, their vulnerability to natural or anthropogenic   hazards and distributional equity, particularly for the urban poor. Focusing on urban centres, this half-day interdisciplinary seminar will explore the implications of this trend for groundwater resources, dependent social and environmental systems and consider emerging research agendas.

Register here or please contact Dr. Adrian Healy for further information.


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